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Homestead knows housing and recognizes the need for quality and space

when developing new homes.

Selecting neighborhoods that are close to services, protected from major traffic arterial, and yet a convenient location. And because your new home is also an important investment, Homestead Construction has developed and provides a limited warranty program for your first year of ownership. New construction for first-time homebuyers is our specialty.

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ONCE UPON A TIME, in the year 1974, there was a happy homemaker and stay-at-home Mom named Bobbie whose children had reached their teenage years. Her husband, who was a subcontractor, decided that she needed a career. Over the years, he had seen firemen become home builders during their 48 hours off, and school teachers build houses on their summer breaks. Therefore, think of what an empty nester mom could do with the chicks out of the nest for most of the time. Thus, a new career was opened up for me, and I became a home builder.